Registration Instruction:

Registration Options
  1. General registration (register as an individual or family): can register and pay via the internet or register through paper form.
  2. Group registration: must register using paper form and paid using check only.
Group Registration Instructions:
  1. Special rate for group registration:
    1. Early Registration: Adult (6th grade and above) $15, Children $7. Early registration deadline: 10/29.
    2. Regular Registration: Adult (6th grade and above) $30, Children $15. Regular registration deadline: 11/26.
  2. Require a minimum of 10 people (6th grade and above).
  3. Not limited to persons within the same church or same fellowship group.
  4. Please fill out the registration form by family unit. For persons not related, please fill out separate registration form.
  5. If you are unable to attend the Conference after group registration, both the registration fee and the meal fee are not refundable. Registration is not transferable.
  6. One person should collect all the group registration forms and fees and send them together directly to the CCCM Office. (Mailing address is on the registration form.)
Registration Details:
  1. Data received thru CCCC registration and GRACE Conference registration will be entered into the same registration system.
  2. For better email delivery, we highly recommend to register with Gmail account. Please check spam/junk folder.
  3. Name "1" represents the main contact person. Please provide the main contact person’s name, address, phone number and email address where conference notices will be sent. For non-related persons, please register separately to receive timely information from the Conference.
  4. Please include the birth year for fee calculation & conference data gathering purposes. All data will be kept safe & secure.
  5. Conference Attendance: Please indicate the conference each person will attend. Children programs are divided by grades.
  6. Age-appropriate children programs are available from 3-year-old to 5th grade and require registration and fee payment.
  7. Due to safety reason, CCCC/GRACE Conference discourages a child (grade 5 and under) to attend the Conference without his/her own parent(s). Any youth (6th grade to age 17) who will attend GRACE Conference on his/her own and not accompanied by his/her parent(s) must submit a parent-signed permission form. For details and form, please click here.
  8. To apply for financial assistance, please contact Lillian Yeh at
Payment Instructions:
  1. For check payment, please make check payable to CCCM and mail to:
    631 Illinois Route 83, Suite 204, Bensenville, IL 60106
  2. If you cannot complete the registration or payment on your phone, please try it again on your computer/laptop.
  3. A service fee of $35 will be charged for any returned check.
  4. For general registration, if you have not submitted your payment at the time of registration, please be sure to complete the payment within seven days to avoid your registration data being deleted from the system.
  5. Once registered, registration fees are not refundable. For general registration, meal fees can be refunded before 12/10. There will be no refunds after 12/10.
  6. Part-time and on-site registration fee: Adult per day $25; Children per day $10. After 12/10, only on-site registration is accepted.
Hotel Accommodation:
  1. CCCC/GRACE Conference is not responsible for hotel reservation.
  2. Please book your hotel room and pay directly to Westin Lombard Yorktown Center Hotel before 12/22. Conference special rate for each room is $71 (after tax) per night and can accommodate 1-4 persons. Availability is first come first serve.
  3. Special rate rooms come with either one king-size bed or two queen-size beds. It is recommended that singles and couples reserve rooms with one king-size bed, and leave rooms with two queen-size beds available to those who have the needs.
  4. When booking, please call 888-627-9031 and mention “Chicago Chinese Christian Conference” to receive the Conference special room rate or go directly to the hotel reservation page. If you have any questions, please call 847-868-2226 (Lillian Yeh).

I have read and understand the Registration Instruction, Start Registration